“An American legacy is at risk. The historic trails trod by half a million pioneers, gold rushers, adventurers, families—people in pursuit of a better life in the West—are under constant threat from development, including energy-related projects. Many miles of wagon ruts and swales still exist in silent testimony to those hardy souls who built the nation as we know it today.” – www.octa-trails.org


CTHA Involvement in Trail Preservation

Members and other volunteers of the CTHA work in several different ways to promote trail preservation and protection.  These include:

  • Education programs in the community and in local schools
  • Interpretive signage in communities and at waysides
  • Serving as site stewards in association with the NV State Historic Protection Office
  • Mapping Emigrant Trails (MET) to determine the location and condition of the historic trails
  • Establishment of the California Trail Experience Endowment Fund through the Western Nevada Community Foundation.

How You Can Help!

Become a member of CTHA and work on local trail-related projects.

Donate to CTHA and specify that your donation be used for trail protection and preservation. CTHA is a 501(c) (3) organization. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund important trail preservation work. You may send a check payable to the California Trail Heritage Alliance to CTHA  to P. O. Box 1778, Elko NV 89803 or make a secure online donation.  A tax receipt letter will be provided.

Contribute to The California Trail Experience Endowment Fund.